While it's too late to join the teacher training below, please let us know if you're interested in teacher training in 2021.


Atma Bodha Yoga School

200+ Hour Teacher Training & Certification Program

Online and In Person

June 28th, 2020 – June 13th, 2021

Notice Regarding Online Training

Yoga Alliance has allowed a temporary provision for teacher training to take place online until September 30th , 2020 due to Covid 19.  Therefore, you may attend the meetings for this teacher training either in person or online until then. After September 30th, meetings will be in person.


Meeting Dates: June 28th, 2020 – June 13th, 2021

Every Sunday for 12 months from 3:00pm-5:45pm

Every Thursday Evening for 12 months from 8:00pm-9:15pm


Meeting Details

-There will be no meetings around major holidays

-Missed sessions may be made up privately for free up to 5 meetings. After 5 absences, private make up sessions will cost $60 each.

-Please plan on doing a minimum of about 1-2 hours of homework or personal study during each week of the training.

-Please plan on doing 15 minutes of breathing practice and meditation each day during the course of the training.

-If you can attend Sundays, but not Thursdays, please let us know. You may still be able to complete the training by attending or teaching additional classes.


Main Areas of Focus for the 200+ Hour Teacher Training

-Teaching a Beginner Classical Hatha Class

-Teaching an Intermediate Vinyasa Class

-Developing or enhancing a daily personal pranayama and meditation practice

- Learning basic yoga philosophy through such texts as Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras and The Bhagavad Gita

- Learning basic anatomy, physiology and biomechanics as they relate to a yoga asana practice

- Guidance on yogic diet and vegetarian diet

-Introduction to subtle energy concepts such as chakras and nadis

-Learning gentle yoga adjustments for the beginner hatha class

- Introduction to mantras and kirtan



Benefits of the Training with AJ at Atma Bodha Yoga

-Learn to teach two full length yoga classes, a class in Classical Hatha and a Vinyasa Yoga class.

-Class Video Recordings: Students will receive class recordings for the classes that they are required to teach. 

-Daily Meditation Suggestions: Students will receive training in meditation and pranayama. Students will be encouraged to have a daily home meditation practice of at least 15 minutes and meditate in a group setting on each day of the training. 

-Yogic Dietary Suggestions: Students will receive guidance on how to follow a healthy, safe, and enjoyable vegetarian diet. Though it is not required, a vegetarian diet is recommended during the course of the training.   

-Students will be introduced to hands on adjustments and assisting - something that is not covered by many 200-hour teacher trainings. If there are still social distancing restrictions in place throughout the training, we will still cover some hands-on adjustment theory online.

-All required books and materials included.

-Online and/or in person studio membership is free during the training program.

-Receive a certification certificate with completion of the program. 

-Ability to Register with Yoga Alliance as a 200 Hour Yoga Teacher after graduation.


Requirements for Graduation, Certification and Certificate

-Read all assigned books and complete all assigned homework

-Pass 2 written examinations 

-Competency in teaching two different types of yoga classes (Hatha Yoga and Vinyasa Yoga).

-Attend required meeting dates.  Missed meeting dates must be made up privately.



A $300 non-refundable deposit (your first month’s payment) is due upon submitting your application. This deposit ensures that all of your books and materials will be available to you during your training program. This deposit is non-refundable.

Tuition is not refundable after you start the program. However, if you do choose to leave this program, you will be eligible to join a future 200-hour Teacher Training at ABY. The total tuition for this program (deposit included) is $3,600 or $3,900 depending on the payment option you choose.


Payment Options

1. You may pay your tuition in full one week before the training begins for the total price of $3,600.

2. You may pay your $3,600 tuition in 13 payments over the course of this training program plus a $300 fee by signing a payment plan. If you choose this plan, your monthly payment will be $300 per month. If you wish to decrease your monthly payment, you could do so by increasing your deposit. 

(Please reach out to us if you would like to attend teacher training at Atma Bodha Yoga, but cannot afford it at this time. We may be able to work a out a more long term payment plan.) 


Important Notice on Applying

Yoga students interested in our teacher training program should have attended at least several classes either at Atma Bodha Yoga in the past or in our live online classes to apply for the training.  Your physical ability to do yoga postures does not matter when applying for the training. However, we would like to make sure that anyone attending training enjoys practicing our method and interpretation of the practices of yoga.


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